Total Quality Management (TQM)

TQM is an integrated improvement philosophy based on cultural change. offers comprehensive services "from training to implementation" to support our clients to realise true benefits of TQM.

Lean Management

TQMschool considers Lean Management as a concept that is integrated in TQM philosophy. Lean principals & tools when applied diligently bring quick operational benefits to organisations.


in_cr_ove  way of implementing the improvement initiatives supports a practical approach with a view to achieve the targeted results. We offer standardised & customised solutions to support manufacturing organisations in implementing Management Systems, TQM and lean elements.

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TQMschool focus is manufacturing & service sector. Our courses cover all training topics that need to be imbibed for successful implementation of Total Quality Management & Lean Management.

Our customised techno-behavioural training programme focusses on carrying the acquire knowledge to work place.

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Shop floor Leadership Programme (SLP)

In the manufacturing industry, the results are achieved on shop floor. SLP  is a comprehensive & customised programme to equip the first level of supervision with winning inputs and a tailor made action plan.

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Academic Training Programme

Students of professional colleges are better placed to realize career opportunities when they have an exposure to expectations from business organisations.

We offer structured TQM courses along with standard curriculum for students of professional colleges directly as well as through participating educational institutions.

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in_cr_ove way is a proven methodology that helps to:

create an improvement structure in the organsiation that can be channelised to implement improvement methodologies.

support this transformation through change management initiatives & behavioural interventions to mould the right mindset & competencies identified in-line with business requirements.

use the organisation’s human talent to lead the improvement journey all the way by building the capabilities, developing leadership at all levels and foster team working through demonstrated results.


Next steps

Wish to start an improvement initiative in your organisation or, equip your team with the capability of continuous improvement?