Shop floor Leadership Programme (SLP)

First line supervision is a critical link for ensuring efficient business operations.

It is at this level that targets, method improvements & cost improvements are implemented. Unfortunately building capabilities at this crucial level is often lost sight of or, ignored. This in turn creates weak links that act as obstacles to daily target achievement and improvement initiatives. Shop floor Leadership Programme (SLP) aims at building leadership skills for shop floor leaders at operating & middle level.

Factory shop floors require focussed thinking and action skills that are very much different from other fields of endeavour.

Target orientation, work discipline, quality & customer orientation, resource management, process & system focus, systematic problem solving, continual improvement,  discipline, daily work management, initiative and proactive behaviour are key requirements that a modern shop floor manager/ supervisor needs to excel in.

Shop floor Leadership Programme (SLP)

SLP is specific to an industry and therefore, needs to be highly customised. It requires careful study of work processes & people and thereupon create a suitable programme. A customised SLP ensures that the required attitudes and skills are not only imbibed but are practiced in routine work, thereby building organisation capabilities.

in_cr_ove works closely with partner organisations to understand the requirements & create customised programme that include classroom training, tests, projects, detailed evaluation & feedback.

Wish to develop leadership at your workplace?

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