cost of Quality – COQ

Cost of Quality - COQ

COQ is a financial measure of the quality performance of an organisation. It is essentially a measure of lack of quality & can also be termed as cost of bad quality.

An organisation’s main goal is to grow & maintain high quality goods/ services. With a comprehensive understanding of the costs related to quality this goal can be achieved.


  • Understand Cost of Quality concept
  • Understand ways to improve Cost of Quality performance


  • What is cost of quality
    • History and definitions
  • Why COQ?
  • Hard and soft costs
    • Appraisal cost
    • Prevention cost
    • Failure costs
      • Internal costs
      • External costs
  • Linkage with other techniques
  • Methods and tools to improve COQ
  • Applicability and benefits

Take Away

Participants will understand the concept & reasoning behind Cost of Quality. Partcipants would become more aware ofneed of improving COQ performance in their work area.

Who should attend?

  • Middle Level
  • Senior Level


  • Multimedia Presentation
  • Concept Explanation
  • Facilitated Discussion
  • Group exercise
  • Individual Exercise
  • Study material
  • Games
  • Q&A
  • Quiz

Interaction Language

  • English
  • Hindi/ English

What is the programme duration?

  • 1 day
  • 2 days
  • 3 days
  • 3 1/2 days
What is the right duration for me?

Want to customise the programme to your requirements?

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