Performance Improvement

Performance Improvement

Our performance improvement model works in two stages.


  • Most of the work in any organisation consists of maintaining every day activities at the current level of performance. Daily management involves maintaining the routine performance and step-by-step improvement.
  • Daily Work Management is central to Total Quality Management implementation in any organisation. DWM creates a system to ensure that the routine function of the organisation works well and deliver results required.
  • Management system documents the daily work management. It helps businesses and organisations to be more efficient and improve customer satisfaction. As the work processes improve, this system keeps evolving.

Performance improvement

  • Performance improvement structure supports daily work management as well as continuous improvement.
  • DWM requires routine problem solving and day to day decision making, while the major improvements are guided by business objectives and changes in the operating environment.

While management system provides the body to an organisation, improvement orientation is the spirit that keeps it alive and propels it forward.

Management system ensures that every process or task is identified & defined with responsibility & accountability. However, the responsibility and methodology for challenging and improving the status quo is seldom fixed. Thereby the need to create a performance improvement structure arises. Without this structure devised and functioning well, the spirit of continuous improvement enshrined in all management systems is not effectively addressed.

There are many popular methodologies that help an organisation to create this performance improvement structure like TQM, Lean Management, Six Sigma, Lean TQM and so on.

Our business improvement model is based on classical TQM framework while encompassing Lean Management and Six Sigma principals with in its gambit. in_cr_ove way enables continuous improvement which is the spirit of Total Quality Management.

TQMschool model

TQM can be implemented in many different ways and needs to be customised to suit to suit the business environment in different organisations. The kind of structure that needs to be in place depends on the specific business needs of an organisation.

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