Lean implementation in_cr_ove way

Lean implementation in_cr_ove way is about canalising the organisational resources in the direction of customer requirements & organisational vision.

“Becoming ‘lean’ is a process of eliminating waste with the goal of creating value.”

Lean management is a principle driven, tool based philosophy that focuses on eliminating waste so that all activities/steps add value from the customers perspective.

It is a strategy, philosophy, process and leadership approach for operating in a superior way. 

Process approach to work & waste reduction are the cornerstones to lean thinking. Lean thinking recognises that people are the key value drivers.

Going lean ensures efficient processes without non value adding activities and your supply chain responding to customer demands.

in_cr_ove way lean business model is structured on the lines of Toyota Production System. It provides an easy transformation process and helps to imbibe principles, systems & tools needed.

In a lean organisation, all the organisation & process goals flow out of the long term vision. Though the lean management philosophy requires long term thinking, it does not mean that improvements are realised after a long time.

Lean is a cultural evolution. It is an attitude.

Lean implementation in_cr_ove way develops people to initiate improvements at all levels and gives you continually improved business results

LEAN implementation in_cr_ove way



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