Shop floor Leadership Programme (SLP)

First line supervision is a critical link for ensuring efficient business operations.

It is at this level that targets, method improvements & cost improvements are implemented.

Shop floor Leadership Programme (SLP) aims at building leadership skills for shop floor leaders at operating & middle level.

Factory shop floors require focussed thinking & action skills very much different from other fields of endeavour.

Target orientation, work discipline, quality & customer orientation, resource management, process & system focus, systematic problem solving, continual improvement,  discipline and daily work management are key requirements that a modern shop floor manager/ supervisor needs to excel in.

Shop floor leadership programme is specific to an industry & therefore, needs to be highly customised.

in_cr_ove works closely with partner organisations to understand the requirements & create customised programme that include classroom training, tests, projects, detailed evaluation & feedback.

Wish to develop leadership at your workplace?

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