While management system provides the body to an organization, improvement orientation is the spirit that keeps it alive and propels it forward.

Management system ensures that every process or task is identified & defined with responsibility & accountability.

However, the responsibility and methodology for challenging and improving the status quo is seldom fixed.

There are many famous methodologies that help an organisation to create this performance improvement structure like TQM, Lean Management, Six Sigma, Lean TQM and so on.

Our performance improvement model is based on classical TQM framework while encompassing Lean Management and Six Sigma principals with in its gambit.

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Shop floor Leadership Programme (SLP)

First line supervision is a critical link for ensuring efficient business operations. It is at this level that targets, method ...
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What is Departmental Purpose Analysis

One of the most important aspects of business is customer orientation. That is why it is also the foundation of ...
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Lean implementation in_cr_ove way

“Becoming ‘lean’ is a process of eliminating waste with the goal of creating value.” Lean implementation in_cr_ove way is about ...
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Daily Work Management – DWM

imProvement through sustenance Daily Work Management is central to Total Quality Management implementation in any organisation. Without sustenance there is ...
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Lean Management

work without waste Give your customers what they want, when they want it, in the measure that they want & ...
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Value Stream Mapping – VSM

make the value flow Value stream mapping is a tool commonly used in lean continuous improvement programmes to help understand ...
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Total Quality Management – TQM-training

unleash your productivity The concept of productivity has undergone a sea change with better understanding of interdependence. Linking the personal ...
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Measurement System Analysis (MSA)

the right measure Measurement is the first step to improvement. Measuring right is even more important. Measurement System Analysis assesses ...
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simplification improves speed Setup reduction (often known as Single Minute Exchange of Die or SMED) is one of the more ...
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Quality Orientation

quality is a way of life Quality is probably one of the most used and least understood English word. Yet, ...
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