Value Stream Mapping – VSM

make the value flow

Value stream mapping is a tool commonly used in lean continuous improvement programmes to help understand and improve the material and information flow within organisations.

Value Stream Mapping borne out of lean ideology captures and presents the whole process from end to end in a method that is easy to understand by those working the process. It captures the current issues and presents a realistic picture.

The method encourages a team approach and through the capture of performance measurement data provides a mechanism to constructively critique activity. Participants in the activity are encouraged to suggest improvements and contribute towards and implement an action plan.

As with any lean management tool-set the principal aim of Value Stream Mapping is to improve processes. This is achieved by highlighting areas of waste within a process. It enables businesses to eliminate these activities. Value Stream Mapping also has the benefit of categorising process activity into three main areas – value add, non value add (but necessary) and waste.

Though a simple graphical tool, VSM captures the value flow snapshot and helps in prioritising improvement initiatives and also create an actionable future vision.

This invigorating Value Stream Mapping training workshop not only provides the participants concept understanding but also practice making a map right in the training workshop. Thereby, Value Stream Mapping training workshop is best conductor in the factory premises of the client to enable practice sessions.

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