Time to wake up

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Nature and cardiovascular diseases associations

While developing residential, commercial and industrial spaces; we tend to forget the basics. It is a time to wake up.

Developing health infrastructure to take care of health problems due to elevation from nature is a corrective response and comes with a huge cost.  Upsurge in health expenditure, whether we look at it individually or nationally, is a pointer to the mistakes that we continue to do.

While developing green spaces as a part of our development ethos, is a preventive step that is simple, common sensical and cost effective.

It is time to wake up.

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Guerrilla Gardening

Guerrilla Gardening

Earth’s eco system is under stress throughout our planet. Three important points:

  • Earth is the only planet we have for living.
  • We are instrumental in putting our eco-system under strain.
  • We are the only hope to set it right.

This story keeps our hope alive & inspires us to do whatever we can in our own spheres to correct what we have spoiled.

The idea of creating new ecosystems around native trees sparked an interest in Malad-based businessman Vikas Mahajan several years ago.

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