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The business environment in India is changing. From being an agriculture based country, we are moving to an industrialised economy. We have already taken huge strides of success in service industry. The wave of change is now sweeping the manufacturing sector led by automotive segment.

The changed environment requires varied skills & attitudes from new entrants to industry (Abhimanyu & Chakravyuha).

Every industry craves for prospective job seekers to have (in addition to the subject knowledge) a fair idea of the challenges faced by an industry and the way modern manufacturing practices like Lean, TQM etc address these challenges.

Young engineers coming out of academics & aspiring to join the industry will get an advantage over their peers with basic knowledge of modern work practices (a new beginning).

The TQM certification course for engineering students intends to further this objective.


The courses seeks to:


Improve the employability of fresh engineering pass-outs

Give them a head start when joining the industry


The courses have been designed with the following criterion in mind.






Modular in nature

Each course is an “add on” to previous learning.

Easy to understand

The contents & methods have been chosen based on present status of learners who have no/ low exposure to industry.

Modulated from simple to complex.

The gradual increase in complexity makes it easy to absorb the inputs.

Andragogical concepts.

The learning is experiential.

The contents are disseminated through activities, exercises & games.

Practical bent

Industry examples of usage

Case studies


Each course provides for an examination to test the knowledge absorption & understanding

Successful learners will be given a certificate to this effect

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